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Quantum Chemistry for the Excited State



What is QCEXVAL?

The common path of the QCEXVAL (Quantum Chemistry of the Excited State, University of Valencia) group started in 1993 within the Theoretical Chemistry Research Unit of the Department of Physical Chemistry of the University of Valencia, when several Ph. D. Theses on theoretical spectroscopy began under the supervision of Dr. Manuela Merchán (MM). During the period 2002-2010, Dr. Luis Serrano-Andrés (LSA) was also leading the QCEXVAL group. Both were awarded by the Spanish Royal Chemical Society: in 2001 (LSA) and 2007 (MM). The scientific expertise of the group was initially focused on the theoretical study of the excited states of molecular systems, with particular interest on those molecules with biological interest, including studies on their spectroscopy and the mechanisms of the photophysical and photochemical processes in which they take part. Supervised by Dr. Daniel Roca-Sanjuán (DRS), the QCEXVAL group is currently devoted to the research of COMPUTATIONAL PHOTOCHEMISTRY AND CHEMILUMINESCENCE OF MOLECULAR SYSTEMS OF BIOLOGICAL AND NANOTECHNOLOGICAL INTEREST.